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College Recruiting Roundtable Part 4: Make a Great Impression at Career Fairs

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Bonnie and Meredith here. Welcome back for our fourth installment of the College Recruiting Roundtable. Be sure to check in with us here each month from now through the fall, as we talk about the ins and outs of the college recruiting process and what you can do to be best prepared to secure a great summer internship or full-time position.

With classes back in swing and syllabus week sadly over, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming Career Fair at the university you attend. Career Fairs can be intimidating and time consuming, but we believe they are the best way to secure a potential internship.

Below are five tips to help you make a great impression at the Career Fair:

  1. Prepare by researching companies prior to that you are interested in and knowing who is hiring for your major
  2. Dress appropriately and conservatively in a suit, and neatly groomed. Make sure to wear dressy, but comfortable shoes
  3. Introduce yourself properly with a firm handshake and a smile. It is great to have an “elevator speech” prepared including: who you are, your major, best qualities, why you are interested in the company, what position you are interested in, and what makes you different than the other candidates
  4. Have questions ready to ask the recruiters and be prepared to answer their questions
  5. Be polite and courteous to all event attendees and those around you

It also is a great idea to attend other events employers may be hosting – the more interaction the better!

Williams will attend the following Career Fairs so please come out and see us.

  • Texas A&M Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 8
  • University of Tulsa Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 9
  • Penn State IST Career Fair: Sept. 14
  • Oklahoma State University Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 15
  • Penn State Internship Career Fair: Sept. 16
  • University of Houston Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 16
  • University of Oklahoma Business Career Fair: Sept. 16
  • Texas A&M Construction Science Career Fair: Sept. 17
  • University of Oklahoma Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 17
  • Oklahoma State University Business Career Fair: Sept. 17
  • University of Utah Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 22
  • University of Tulsa Business Career Fair: Sept. 23
  • West Virginia University Engineering Career Fair: Sept. 23rd and Sept. 24
  • University of Houston Business Career Fair: Sept. 25
  • University of Utah Business Career Fair: Sept. 29

That’s all for now – stay tuned for the next College Recruiting Roundtable.