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Packing lunches is their super power

Staff Reports

What do you do when you have right at two hundred mouths to feed each day for lunch and need help preparing all those lunches? You turn to a highly-skilled team of experts. That is where Amber Smart, Kelli Mann, Katie Smith and Alicia Greninger come in.

During the day these Williams employees take care of business at the Echo Springs Plant in Wamsutter, WY, but on Monday mornings before work and Wednesday afternoons after work, they kick into community mode and work to pack almost two hundred lunches.

Their efforts are a part of the Carbon County School District #1’s Mobile Summer Food Service Program, which is hosted at three locations throughout the school district. The lunches are free to all school-aged children, and parents also are invited to enjoy lunch with their children for only $4 per person.

So, while it takes this team of super heroes about an hour to pack all the lunches, the result is more far-reaching and ensures that no child in Rawlins, WY, goes hungry over the summer months. Now that is a big impact.