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A story of hope continues…

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Author Terry Kay said it best “One of the most enduring friendships in history – dogs and their people, people and their dogs.” This certainly rings true for Kaylee Keitz, daughter of Williams employee, Mark Keitz, and her service dog Mitzee.

In 2016,  we shared the amazing story of Kaylee Keitz, her special medical needs and Mitzee her service dog. Mitzee’s job is to detect any issues long before they become life threatening. Mark said that Mitzee detects Kaylee’s low blood sugar 20 to 30 minutes before her blood sugar drops. For example, Mitzee alerted Kaylee just a few days ago so Kaylee checked her blood. Her meter showed her to be 90, which is in normal blood glucose range, within 20 minutes Kaylee’s blood sugar was 53 and dropping fast. Mitzee detected the dramatic drop significantly sooner than Kaylee’s continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

When asked how life is different now that Kaylee has Mitzee by her side, Mark said “Over this past year Kaylee has been able to spend time with friends at school events such as football and basketball games without her mom, Jamie, or me there.  She has even spent the night with friends at birthday parties.

Kaylee has much more independence now and is able to stay in her own room, and enjoy time with friends without mom and dad hovering over her.”

Mark said that having Mitzee at Kaylee’s side 24/7 has also given the family a level of flexibility with their schedules that they could not have prior to Mitzee joining the family.

When asked if Mitzee had any funny or unique personality traits, Kaylee said, “Mitzee and I are so alike to the point when I tell her to do something she huffs and I do the same thing when mom and dad tell me to do something.  When you are talking to her she will raise her eyebrows and then cut her eyes at you like she’s listening but not really interested in hearing what you have to say. And we are both stubborn.”

When you scratch behind her ears she moves her head side to side and gets lower and lower to the ground until she lays completely out. Something else she does funny is when you roll her ball in the house she is so big and clumsy that she runs into walls.

On a more serious note, Kaylee adds that the bond between the two is unbreakable and Mitzee gives her confidence and courage.

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