Williams, Cabot and Southwestern, help with ice jam and flood clean up in Wyoming County Pennsylvania

Staff Reports

Because of our commitment to neighbors and because our employees live in the areas where we operate, Williams makes every effort to be a meaningful part of the fabric of our local communities. That is why, when major flooding began to occur along the banks of Martins Creek in the town of Nicholson in Wyoming County, Pa., Williams – along with customers Cabot Oil & Gas and Southwestern Energy – did not hesitate to help eliminate the threat and safeguard the community.

According to Gene Dziak, director, Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency, a perfect storm of large ice chunks and a massive uprooted tree in the middle of the creek had caused an ice jam, resulting in flooding that put local residents in jeopardy. As though that wasn’t enough of an issue, simultaneously, the agency was working to resolve another potentially catastrophic situation in the area, and lacked the resources to safely address both.

Having to divert his team’s focus to the other threat, and knowing the flooding situation required professional excavation expertise, Dziak asked Williams to help fund the flood-relief effort, which was estimated to cost about $6,500. Williams immediately pledged the full amount to cover the cost, and our local employees also volunteered to help by pumping water out of basements affected by the flooding.

“The flooding situation was dire and posed a very serious and dangerous threat to local residents. While our agency knew how to handle the situation, it was a matter of figuring out how to quickly fund the solution and get to work immediately,” said Dziak. “To be able to call Williams and say ‘Hey, we have an immediate threat and could really use your help’ and for them to say ‘You’ve got our full support’ without hesitation, it really helps us do our job better, and in turn, helps protect the community. Thanks to Williams, and companies like Cabot and Southwestern, today we have free-flowing water in the creek and our residents are safe.”

We are honored that Gene Dziak and his team thought to call on us, and look forward to continuing to help support this community and its people for years to come. For Williams – and for our customers, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation and Southwestern Energy – jumping into action when needed is just a small part of our ongoing efforts to be responsible corporate citizens.

Below are pictures of the ice jam and the uprooted tree that contributed to the issue. For more, check out these local news stories here and here.