Our opportunity to reduce emissions through natural gas infrastructure

Staff Reports

Climate change is a hot button issue. Keeping the economy moving while developing clean energy solutions was the topic at the Bipartisan Policy Center’s webcast on America’s Energy Infrastructure.

The webcast features Williams President and CEO, Alan Armstrong, in a panel discussion with Marty Durbin, president, Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Jason Grumet, president, Bipartisan Policy Center.

Armstrong references the recent National Petroleum Council (NPC) study, co-chaired by Williams, which calls on Congress to address the National Environmental Protect Act (NEPA) permit process.

“The concerns around emissions that the public has, need to be addressed,” said Armstrong. “But, we need to take the concern out of the infrastructure permitting process.”

To keep up with demand while also reducing carbon emissions, our energy infrastructure needs a major transformation. The current permitting system creates delays as opposition clings to gaps in that system via lawsuits on environmental grounds.

“We do need a policy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Armstrong. “The NPC Study addresses that fact and is very clear and concise on recommendations for NEPA reform. We have a lot of opportunity to reduce emissions through natural gas infrastructure.”

The panel discussion ended on a positive note, stressing that there is new optimism and a real opportunity to work together to solve this problem.

To read up on the NPC study that Armstrong references, download it here.