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Natural gas keeps it cool

Staff Reports

During the warm months, we’re especially grateful for natural gas. About 35% of natural gas is used to create electricity to power your homes and workplaces and keep you cool.

Natural gas is an abundant, affordable and reliable energy source. That’s important during the dog days of summer.

In 2018, natural gas was the source of about 29% of the U.S. electric power sector’s primary energy consumption. Most of the electricity produced by the electric power sector is sold to and used by the other U.S. consuming sectors. The other consuming sectors also use natural gas to generate electricity, and they use nearly all of this electricity themselves.

Other sectors using natural gas include:

  • Industrial: 33%
  • Residential: 17%
  • Commercial: 12%
  • Transportation: 3 percent

You can read more about these sectors here.