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What makes my internship special

Staff Reports

Just a little over a month ago, 29 university students joined us from fifteen different universities. Unsure how their summer internship might look during a worldwide pandemic, they took the opportunity head on and now they’re charging forward, doing work that’s both important to Williams and to building their future careers.

Let’s check in to see what makes some of their internships so special.

Alyssa, Penn State University Student &
Williams Engineering Intern, Pittsburgh

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was placed in the Pittsburgh office near my home. After sharing that I was hoping to get first-hand field experience, my manager and mentor put their heads together and made it happen! I’m now working with the Supply Chain team on a COVID-19 related project in addition to a field project with the Tech Services team at our Kensington gas facility. I’m really pleased with how adaptable and committed the team is to making my internship a success.”

Charles, Oral Roberts University Student
& Williams Business Intern, Tulsa

“The company culture at Williams speaks volumes. The effort to make our intern class feel welcome and part of the company, despite social distancing requirements, is extraordinary. The collaboration across teams and connections with leaders is making it possible for me to learn industry nuances and do complex work.”

Kyle, University of Wyoming Student &
Williams Operations Intern, Wamsutter

“The meaningful work has drawn me back to Williams for the third summer in a row. I enjoy the independence of my daily responsibilities and being outside, performing surveys and collecting critical data for our Wamsutter gathering operations. I’ve also been part of an ongoing pipeline maintenance project, learning the ins-and-outs of pigging, identifying maintenance opportunities, and even replacing infrastructure, learning about the end-to-end process.”

Chapman, University of Oklahoma Student
 & Williams Information Technology Intern, Tulsa

“Thanks to the mentorship and enthusiasm to help provided by my coworkers and leaders, I’m just four weeks on the job and have already learned so much. I was able to jump right in on a project with the Innovation and Emerging Technologies team to help code, test and plan for the launch of an internal company mobile app.”

We’re proud to have these students with us for the summer, in addition to the other 25 interns working across our footprint. You would never know they’re working in the midst of a pandemic, and we look forward to their continued great work to help us fuel the clean energy economy with low cost, reliable natural gas.