Hometown highlight: Montrose, Pennsylvania

Susan Simpson

Q&A with Tammy Bonnice, senior field office administrator

Where is Montrose, Pennsylvania?

Montrose is located as far northeast as you can get before crossing over into New York. Montrose is located in Susquehanna County and is actually the county seat.

What is Montrose known for?

Montrose is known for its many food festivals — blueberry, apple, chocolate and wine, to name a few, and also local farmers vegetables stands. But if you were looking at the history of Montrose many of the churches and older homes have hidden rooms as Montrose was a stop-over for the underground railroad.

Montrose and its surrounding towns have always been a big dairy and farm area. But now the younger generation is getting jobs with the gas companies and still able to stay and help their parents and grandparents keep their farms going.  

What would visitors to Montrose enjoy?

Montrose is not a town filled with amusement parks. It’s a town with hiking trails taking you up sides of mountains and behind waterfalls. We have many state parks to visit. There’s even a rattlesnake round up. The best thing about coming to Montrose and Susquehanna County is you can enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and the peace and quiet. Our small country town also has the friendliest people.

How are Williams employees active in the community?

We have many employees that volunteer their time in helping at food banks, roadside clean ups, veterans parks and many other organizations. Some of our employees volunteer for our local fire stations. But I think the best thing about our employees is that if there is a fire, flooding or anything like that, we jump into action to help.