Natural gas products key to COVID vaccination success

Staff Reports

The U.S. is undertaking a Herculean task – vaccinating millions of citizens against COVID-19.

Did you know hydrocarbons like natural gas products are key to producing, transporting, storing and administering vaccines?

They are the basis of the plastics, glass and other materials used in medical facilities, supplies and equipment, of the refrigerants needed to keep the vaccines active and of the fuels needed to transport vaccines, personnel and equipment.

Essential medical products include IV components, syringes, tubing, polypropylene masks and goggles to protect first responders and patients. Much of the electricity used to power hospitals and production facilities also is generated with natural gas. 

“Hydrocarbons make modern life possible in every link of the chain for sustaining life and producing medical miracles,” according to this recent study by the Institute for Energy Research.