Working at Williams

What I do: process safety management coordinator

Susan Simpson

Process safety management coordinator is a mouthful of a title.

But for Kansas employee Casey Montgomery, the focus of her job is pretty simple. Keep employees safe by helping to ensure processes are being followed to maintain effectiveness and efficiency.

Montgomery, who works out of our Conway operations, ensures that all operations activities meet safety standards and regulations, while analyzing any potential hazards that would harm people, assets or the environment.

At Williams, she coordinates process safety management for our Conway fractionation and storage facilities, along with Bluestem and Overland Pass pipelines. That requires frequent collaboration with operations, employee safety and environmental teams.

“I get gratification from something every day,” she said. “From small tasks helping employees complete a safety system form, to ensuring we complete projects with no lost time or injury or environmental impact. We can walk away feeling good about the work we were hired to do, and we did it successfully.”

Montgomery says she looks forward to continued development of her career at Williams. And as a mom, she feels like she’s helping create a clean energy future for her children.

“The personal growth I’ve gotten out of my job has helped me be strong and confident so I can be a better mom for my kids, a better role model, and I like being part of a group that is doing the right things to support our environment and to help our people.”