Investing in critical climate solutions

Staff Reports

Williams is pursuing sustainable investment opportunities with Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a global venture capital firm looking to accelerate progress toward net zero greenhouse gas emissions by investing in venture and growth companies advancing critical climate solutions.

“We are pleased to be partnering on two strategies with Energy Impact Partners, an investment firm that makes venture and growth investments in companies that are optimizing energy consumption and improving sustainable energy,” said Williams President and CEO Alan Armstrong. “Williams is among the first midstream investors in the platform, and we’re expecting to facilitate diverse investment opportunities that reduce emissions and advance our environmental, social and governance goals.”

EIP looks for inspired entrepreneurs who are re-imagining the future and helps them scale by leveraging its strategic partner coalition, said Hans Kobler, founder and managing partner of EIP.

“We are thrilled to bring together an even larger coalition of utilities and industrials focused on creating a sustainable future,” Kobler said. “Tackling climate change is a major challenge and opportunity that can only be solved by working together. Our unique engagement model helps our partners innovate, drives growth in our investments and maximizes real near-term climate impact as a result.”

Williams was the first North American midstream company to set a near-term climate commitment. The goal includes a 56% absolute reduction from 2005 levels in company greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – putting us on a path to be net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.