Driving down consumer costs with energy policy

Tom Droege

Deliveries continued to grow at Williams in the first half of 2022 and that trend is expected to continue as customers in the United States and overseas seek out the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas.

As part of a quarterly update to investors, Williams President & CEO Alan Armstrong said domestic demand for natural gas to generate electricity has been high this summer and U.S. LNG exports are on the rise with significant growth expected in the coming years.

“The United States is positioned better than any other country to solve the energy crisis and the climate crisis that we’re facing around the world,” said Armstrong. “But access to our abundant and low-cost natural gas reserves is dependent on having the appropriate infrastructure to move energy where it is needed.”

The impacts of inadequate infrastructure are now front and center, Armstrong said, with consumers bearing high energy prices, high utility bills and energy driven inflation both here and around the world.

“The good news is that this is exactly the kind of catalyst that it takes to bring public awareness to these matters, and the European crisis is highlighting the matter even further,” he said. “That is why we are strongly advocating for actionable energy policy solutions and permitting reform that will support global emissions reductions, keep energy costs affordable and grow our nation’s competitiveness.”

Armstrong concluded that enabling the efficient, unobstructed build out of the nation’s energy infrastructure is foundational to the United States leading on emissions reductions and energy security. 

Watch the earnings conference call webcast: