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Clean energy demand driving growth at Williams

Demand is growing for the critical services Williams provides to deliver clean and reliable energy, company leaders told investors during a quarterly update.

“Our natural gas focused strategy and long-term approach to business is built to capture upside and at the same time weather commodity price down cycles like we saw in 2020,” said Alan Armstrong. “As an organization, we are energized by the opportunity to serve this growing demand for clean, secure and affordable energy.”

Williams reported strong results across key metrics in the third quarter of 2022, building on positive trend that is expected to continue. As one of the nation’s largest clean energy infrastructure providers, Williams handles approximately 30 percent of the natural gas in the United States that is used every day to generate electricity, power the industrial sector and heat homes and businesses.

“With the winter heating season now upon us, the need for secure natural gas supplies on a global scale has never been more pronounced, especially as the crisis in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc on energy markets and the global economy, which depends on access to affordable energy,” said Armstrong.

Additional infrastructure is needed to keep prices affordable, Armstrong noted, and that will require comprehensive permitting reform.

“The United States, with our abundance of natural gas, is well positioned to bring energy security to nations in need while at the same time reducing emissions, so long as we have comprehensive energy policies that allow us to build the infrastructure to connect these low-cost supplies to growing demand here at home and abroad,” he said. “If we don’t deal with permitting reform, we will continue to see higher utility bills at home and the unnecessary destruction of our allies’ economies.”