Working at Williams

Director of supply chain says planning is key to success

Susan Simpson

Supply chain is on many minds this time of year.

If you’ve waited too long to buy holiday gifts, you might pay more and have fewer options from limited suppliers. But if you’ve planned ahead, you are probably getting the best deals for the best products.

Williams’ supply chain system is no different. Purchases big and small must be planned and sourced months and even years ahead of use. Throw in global distribution challenges – and a recent pandemic – and it can be a complex process to keep our business running.

James Garcia, director of Supply Chain, is used to complexity and finding solutions to big problems. The former engineer brings his analytical skills and knowledge of operations to the table, as his team works closely with suppliers to source everything from paper cups to solar panels and compressor station equipment.

James Garcia, director of Supply Chain at Williams

“To be successful, we must forecast our projects and stay in tune with the market to minimize risk,” he said. “We have a sourcing strategy to manage our timelines and optimize savings.”

Good working relationships with suppliers is critical and helped tremendously when the COVID pandemic hit, as Williams quickly secured masks and other personal protective equipment for employees.

“We did really well navigating that chaos,” he said. “Planning and communications was key.”

Garcia started work at Williams after graduating with an electrical engineering degree from Texas A&M University.

He’s worked in multiple states, including Texas, Utah, Washington, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, giving him a broad perspective of Williams operations.

“I love working through challenges and getting things done on time and competitively,” he said. “We have some amazing people here at Williams — bright, talented and motivated employees. I’m proud of my team. We are creating a resilient supply chain that helps lead change and achieve goals as a best-in-class operator,” he said.