Charitable Giving

Gift to University of Wyoming supports decarbonization

Williams contribution aids carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) research and development.

Williams is helping the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) advance carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) within the state and beyond.

A $250,000 donation, to be paid out over multiple years, will support the newly created Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Storage Excellence Fund, which will provide increased flexibility in addressing key challenges for the near, medium and long term. Most immediately, the excellence fund will provide support needed for current projects to transition from research and demonstration to commercialization.

The charitable contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the state of Wyoming and will jump-start the program with immediately expendable funds, while also supporting a multimillion-dollar endowment that will have a sustained impact for generations to come.

“Williams has a strong relationship with the University of Wyoming and is pleased to support the School of Energy Resources’ CO2 Storage Excellence Fund,” said Williams Vice President of New Energy Ventures Brian Hlavinka. “The fund will accelerate research, development and deployment of CO2 storage, a powerful tool to help achieve net-zero emissions and decarbonize hard-to-abate industrial processes.”

Scott Quillan, director of research for the school, said Williams has been a long-standing advocate and an important project partner in SER’s activities.

“Williams is an exceptional partner, consistently driving innovation and technological advancements to create new opportunities for Wyoming energy,” said Quillinan. “Their continued support — both on the ground and financially — is allowing us to focus on immediate areas of need in terms of outreach and engagement activities as well as on educational opportunities to work toward developing a full value chain for commercial deployment.”

In addition to its support of CCUS, Williams was an early supporter of SER’s Hydrogen Energy Research Center and worked with SER to advance the Wyoming Energy Authority-funded Wyoming Hydrogen Pilot Project that examined potential hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.

Most recently, Williams has been a major player, alongside SER, in U.S. Department of Energy funding opportunities. Current efforts include the Echo Springs CarbonSAFE project, which seeks to leverage a viable source of CO2 and the existing pipeline transportation infrastructure to prove the viability of this project, and a separate collaborative project that integrates produced-water thermal desalinization technology with autothermal or steam methane reforming for the efficient production of hydrogen.

“We are proud that Williams continues to demonstrate their confidence in the University of Wyoming as an important partner in building a commercially viable carbon management industry,” said Angela Ver Ploeg, senior director of corporate engagement for the University of Wyoming Foundation. “Aligning interests between our corporate partners and faculty and researchers ensures that there is a shared vision and an avenue to pursue strategic opportunities. We are so grateful for this incredible gift and the support from the state to make it go even further.”