Southeast Energy Connector


The proposed project is an expansion of the existing Transco pipeline in Alabama to support the conversion of electric power generation in Alabama from coal to natural gas. The project leverages existing pipeline infrastructure to provide year-round, American produced, natural gas to serve the community’s need for clean energy. This project will be regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) under the 7(c) prefiling process to ensure thorough consultation and cooperation with other state, local and federal regulatory agencies and community stakeholders.


Williams operates the Transco pipeline, an approximately 10,200-mile natural gas transportation system that extends from south Texas to New York City. The Transco pipeline is the nation’s largest-volume natural gas pipeline system, transporting about 15% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. The pipeline transported approximately 23% of natural gas that entered Alabama since 1990.

Construction Activities

Construction activities include the construction of a new, gas-fired turbine compressor unit and other updates to Compressor Station 105, as well as 1.9 miles of 42” pipeline.

Pipeline Facilities​

  • 1.9 miles of pipeline looping in Chilton and Coosa counties, which includes approximately 3,500 foot horizontal direction drill beneath the Coosa River.

Compression Facilities​

  • Addition of one gas-fired turbine with a C45 compressor, with gas coolers and VGRS at existing Compressor Station 105, located in Coosa County, Alabama.  ​
  • Re-wheel existing compressor units 1-3 at Compressor Station 105.

Other Facilities​

  • Additional Flow Assurance scope being evaluated that is associated with the Project that will ensure reliability.

Summer 2021: Initial Public Outreach and Begin Pre-File FERC 7(c)
February 2022: Begin Pre-File FERC 7(c)
August 2022: Target Filing of FERC 7(c) Application
January 2024: Target Construction Start
3rd Quarter 2025: Target In-Service Date

Reduce Emissions

Southeast Energy Connector will be used to retire coal fired power generation and replace with natural gas, promoting clean energy and reducing emissions.

Serve Communities

The expansion project will allow for power generation with less pollutants and cleaner air for the citizens of Alabama.

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