Landowner Relations

Aerial view of landowner property near Transco station 610 in Pennsylvania.

As natural gas demand grows, we must periodically expand existing facilities or build new assets across our energy infrastructure systems that span 26 states. Our ability to reliably supply clean energy is, in part, due to the strong, long-term collaborations we have with more than 110,000 landowners. We work to maintain successful relationships with landowners who grant us the privilege of establishing permanent easements across private land.

We strive to build landowner relationships based on mutual trust. In all cases, we treat landowners fairly by providing them reasonable financial compensation, protecting and restoring their land and respectfully operating on their property. Williams directly and regularly engages with our landowner partners through email, phone calls, mailings, open houses, in-person meetings and other forms of communication. We abide by INGAA’s Commitment to Landowners, a set of recommended behaviors that member companies agree to follow when engaging landowners.

The commitment includes building lasting relationships through mutual respect and trust, providing accurate and timely information, negotiating in good faith, responding to landowner concerns in a timely fashion and driving continuous improvement. We continuously map our internal land professional trainings against INGAA requirements to remain in alignment with the Commitment to Landowners. We also adhere to applicable state regulations such as the Texas Landowner Bill of Rights.

For existing partnerships, we conduct an annual checkup of our assets on landowner properties to confirm that our infrastructure continues to operate safely and unobtrusively. We have ongoing communications with landowners to resolve concerns and complaints.