Energy-Filled Visitors Invaded the Pittsburgh Office

Staff Reports

Williams employee Sheri with her son Aaron and daughter Jaquie.

On April 24, children and grandchildren of Williams employees visited the Pittsburgh office.

Sure, a child sees a parent getting ready for work in the morning, and can probably tell you the company name where his or her parent works.

Williams’ Pittsburgh office is proud to have participated in the national public education event, “Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” The event was designed to expand opportunities for girls and boys, expose them to what adults in their lives do during the work day, and show them the value of an education.

Nearly 30 children participated in a variety of planned activities and programs that included what Williams does, an introduction to Google Earth, an overview of business etiquette, how to stay safe and building molecules with help from a Mad Scientist.

Even if our junior Williams family members didn’t realize it, the day may have been an important part in helping them learn about the kinds of jobs available to them in the energy industry when they grow up.

One thing for sure – we thoroughly enjoyed having this energy-filled group of visitors with us for the day!