Female leadership at Williams is smart business

Staff Reports

Despite a strong business case made by researchers, academic institutions and, most importantly, the leaders of successful companies, less than 3 percent of major companies have achieved gender parity at the board level.  And the pace of change is extremely slow, according to the Women’s Forum of New York.

Williams was applauded today at an event in New York City as a corporate game changer that is making special efforts to advance women in the boardroom. Williams has representation of 33 percent women on our board.

We commend Williams and their work towards achieving a greater gender balance in their boardroom,” said Janice Ellig, Co-CEO of executive search firm Chadick Ellig and Chair of the Women’s Forum event. “Williams knows that more women on boards is smart business and their success is an inspiration to others”

Williams encourages diversity on its Board by maintaining a Nominating and Governance Committee that seeks a variety of occupational and personal backgrounds on the Board in order to obtain a range of viewpoints and perspectives and to enhance the diversity of the Board in such areas as geography, race, gender, ethnicity and age. This committee routinely evaluates the composition of the Board to assess the skills and experience that are currently represented on the Board, as well as the skills and experience that the Board will find valuable in the future, given the company’s current situation and strategic plans.

“In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s critical that our corporate board be comprised of the highest-caliber professionals who can bring a broad range of perspectives to navigate complex issues and effectively govern the company, in the boardroom,” said Frank T. MacInnis, Chairman of the Williams Board of Directors.

Check out our news release on this recognition.