Earth Day: Celebrate environmental benefits of natural gas

Staff Reports

lightbulb_1200x630Did you know natural gas is decreasing greenhouse gas emissions? Did you know natural gas allows utilities to add more wind and solar to their portfolios?

Most people think of natural gas for heating and cooking. What you might not know is that more than ever natural gas is being used to generate the electricity that keeps our modern world humming.

Natural gas is cleaner and cheaper than other fuels. As a result of its increased use, greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector have steadily declined. Thanks to natural gas, the U.S. has reduced carbon emissions more than any other nation in the world.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, demand for natural gas from the power sector is expected to increase 45 percent between now and 2035 and many of Williams’ pipeline projects are designed to serve that growth.

Natural gas is a friend to solar and wind. Because natural gas is such an efficient and affordable fuel source, utility companies are able to add more renewables to their portfolios without hitting consumers in the wallet.

Together, natural gas and renewables are helping contribute to a low-carbon, reliable electrical grid. Now that’s something worth celebrating on Earth Day.

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