Atlantic Sunrise

Keeping streams clean in Northcentral Pennsylvania

Staff Reports

npc-streamA grant to Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) through the Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant Program helped the organization take the first step in their efforts to improve streams in agricultural areas being compromised due to erosion, sediment and run-off from agricultural operations. NPC also was able to get matching funds for the grant through the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s “Growing Greener Program.”

NPC, in partnership with the Columbia County Conservation District and several landowners, used the monies for permits, design and installation of agricultural stream crossings, exclusionary fencing and streambank stabilization to help improve the water quality of the streams running through these properties.

“By installing fence to keep the livestock out of the stream, we are able to prevent erosion caused by the weight of the animals pushing the streambank into the water,” said Renee Carey, with NPC.

Also, Renee shared that while streambank erosion continues to be a problem on many streams in the northcentral region, the success of this project improved several streams and show other landowners this process will benefit both landowners and the community.

This project had a positive ripple effect by providing the opportunity to meet with local watershed associations and engage in thoughtful dialogue around improving water quality; helped Conservation District employees gain skills they can use on future projects; and determining what worked and what didn’t in the process.

Renee said that “There are many other sites that would benefit from the type of work undertaken with this grant. We are continuing to work with Growing Greener in Columbia County and hope to continue to work with Williams as well.”