Petro Pro presentation inspires love of rocks

Staff Reports

Zac Tunin and I have something in common. We’re both volunteers with the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board’s “Petro Pro” program that brings energy professionals to classrooms across Oklahoma, teaching kids about our state’s natural energy resources.

Petro Pro and college student Zac Tunin is featured in a video by the OERB and Energy HQ.

Zac, a student at Oklahoma State University, is studying to become a geologist because he was inspired by a Petro Pro presentation in the third grade. As a Petro Pro, he is inspiring the next generation to love rocks and understand where we get the energy we depend on every day.

Zac is featured in a new video by the OERB and Energy HQ.

I became a Petro Pro last year when I wrote a Pipe Up blog post about the need for more energy education in the schools. I’ve made several presentations at local schools, as well as a den of Cub Scouts. It has been a great experience and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two in the process. I’m looking forward to more presentations this spring.

Since 1996, 1.9 million Oklahoma students have been reached through OERB energy education programs.

Sara Delgado, a communications specialist and 20-year Williams employee, wrote this post. This is part of an occasional series called #Natgas Mom.