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FERC approves Gulf Connector Expansion Project

Staff Reports

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved Williams’ Gulf Connector Expansion Project, which is designed to bring more gas to two LNG export terminals on the Gulf Coast.

FERC issued the project a certificate on Nov. 21. The Commission said the project would provide service to two customers without causing harm to existing customers on its system, communities in the area or the environment. FERC staff gave the project a positive environmental review in September.

The Gulf Connector Expansion Project is a 475,000 dekatherm per day expansion of the Transco pipeline system in Texas and Louisiana. Constructed in two phases, Gulf Connector will deliver natural gas to feed two liquefied natural gas export terminals in Texas — one located on the northern coast of Corpus Christi Bay, and another located on the coast of Freeport Bay. Both phases of the project are anticipated to be placed into service in the first half of 2019.

The project will consist of three new compressor stations, a new pipeline interconnect, and modifications to two compressor stations in southeast Texas.