Bicycle upkeep as easy as ABC

Staff Reports

Learning to ride a bicycle is step one for most kids. But learning to take care of it is just as important.

Here are some tips from a Williams employee and school volunteer who says upkeep is as easy as ABC.

“Now that it’s warmer outside, many of us are taking bike rides, which is a great family activity,” said Bill Hadley. “So, we want to make sure our bikes function properly and safely.”

 Hadley volunteers for a Williams-supported elementary school program called Bike Club. He tells students to pay attention to the ABC’s of bike maintenance.

  • A is for air: Be sure that your tires are properly inflated to prevent flats. Check your tires sidewall for the tire pressure. Also, check that your quick-release levers and thru axles are tightened properly. Be sure to have your patch kit and pump with you.
  • B is for brakes: Squeeze your front and back brake levers to ensure that the brakes function properly.
  • C is for chain: Check your chain and all the gears. Keep your chain lubricated and clean to guarantee your bicycle shifts easily and the drivetrain lasts.

May is National Bike Month so get ready to ride! You might even find a few routes here.