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Using technology to enhance patient services

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A robotic device is enhancing patient care at a hospital near our Haynesville operations.

The telepresence robot — an easily maneuverable iPad stand on wheels — supplements communications between medical staff and patients at DeSoto Regional Hospital in Mansfield, Louisiana.

Hospital CEO Todd Eppler tests out the new telepresence robot with Terri Byrd, Foundation Director of the DeSoto Regional Health System, who is acting as a patient.

The 34-bed hospital recently purchased the robot with funding from Williams and other donors to the DeSoto Regional Health Foundation.

“It’s really a huge benefit,” said hospital CEO Todd Eppler. “We are a small rural hospital and this is supplementing our care and improving our connections.”

Eppler said the robot will allow a patient to have a face-to-face conversation with a medical provider.

“They can drive this robot right into the room and up to the end of the bed,” he said.

The device will be particularly helpful when treating COVID-19 patients to reduce the number of times staff have to don personal protective equipment for conversations with a patient.