Stream project benefits Pennsylvania trout

Staff Reports

When erosion from major flooding threatened wild trout in northeast Pennsylvania, Williams stepped in to work with regulatory agencies to repair and stabilize Billings Mill Brook, a picturesque migratory trout stream in Wyoming County.

“We worked with Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and Fish and Boat Commission to come up with a design to stabilize the slope but also to provide nice stream habitat enhancements for the wild trout,” said Chad Johnson, environmental, health and safety specialist.

The erosion issue had accelerated after major flooding events in the spring of 2018. While not on Williams’ Springville pipeline right-of-way, the damage was encroaching so Williams permitted and constructed the 300-linear-foot stream restoration and slope stabilization project. 

In addition to rock-based stabilization measures, the project included in-stream rock vanes, root-ball habitat structures and in-stream pool creation. These provide additional cover for the fish and helps oxygenate the water, among other benefits, Johnson said. 

Johnson thanked Williams’ contractors Latona Trucking and Earth Armor, which he said were vital in the completion and success of the project.  

“We had a great experience working with our partners and stakeholders on this project, which provides a long-term solution for this important migratory stream,” he said.

Photo showing the stream before restoration and slope stabilization of Billings Mill Brook.

Photo showing the stream after restoration and slope stabilization of Billings Mill Brook.