Energy & Infrastructure

Boatloads of clean energy

Tom Droege

As one of the leading providers to natural gas export facilities in the United States, Williams is proud to be part of a global clean energy solution.

“The rest of the world is continuing to utilize natural gas as a low cost and clean fuel and so we think the export business is going to continue to grow pretty dramatically,” said Williams President and CEO Alan Armstrong during a webcast presentation at a recent Barclays energy conference. “Nobody is better positioned than our Transco system to be able to deliver on that, given its scale and access to the lowest-cost resources in the nation on the supply side.”

Export facilities on the coast chill natural gas to liquid form known as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and then ship it overseas. Unlike the United States, many countries don’t have direct access to natural gas. LNG shipments enable the environmental benefits of natural gas to be shared internationally by replacing carbon-heavy fuels while supporting economic growth.

Williams expects new LNG export projects to drive an additional 14 Bcf/d of natural gas demand growth through 2030. Most of that growth is slated in states served by Transco. To help its customers meet sustainability goals, Williams is working to bring additional transparency to the natural gas value chain to support large-scale certification of responsibly sourced natural gas from the wellhead to the water.

To watch the webcast go here. To see the full slide deck with our forward-looking statements disclaimer go here.