Williams joins forces with international renewable energy developer

Staff Reports

Williams has formed an agreement with a Denmark-based renewable energy developer to explore a large-scale wind energy, electrolysis and synthetic gas-via-methanation co-development in western Wyoming where Williams owns significant land area and natural gas infrastructure.

Ørsted is a leading developer, builder and owner-operator of renewable generation and the first developer to operate the full spectrum of new renewable technologies at utility scale in the United States. By leveraging Ørsted’s renewables and hydrogen expertise with Williams’ natural gas infrastructure and processing experience, the two companies plan to evaluate the development of hydrogen or synthetic natural gas facilities powered by renewable energy.

“We’re excited to partner with Williams to deliver clean fuels in the U.S. and transform our Onshore business into a potential growth platform for renewable hydrogen” said Vishal Kapadia, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer in Ørsted Onshore. “Combining our renewable development and operations expertise with access to large-scale gas transportation networks and infrastructure will further expand the scope of energy solutions we can deliver and positions us well to continue to develop innovative approaches to drive decarbonization of the energy system.”

Williams’ energy infrastructure network, which handles 30 percent of the natural gas used for power generation, heating and industrial use in the U.S., is adaptable to future renewable energy storage and transport. The company’s nationwide footprint and best-in-class infrastructure expertise is well-positioned to advance the future of hydrogen, linking the lowest cost production sites for renewable hydrogen and other e-fuels to growing demand centers.

“Natural gas and our large-scale energy infrastructure network are ideal partners for facilitating the integration of renewables into the energy mix, while helping our customers move toward a low-carbon future,” said Chad Zamarin, Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategic Development at Williams. “It’s through technology innovation and collaboration with forward-thinking companies such as Ørsted that we can leverage our assets and expertise to develop solutions to advance the clean energy economy.”