Diverse supplier spotlight: Big Elk Energy Systems

The name Big Elk translates to Opahtunkah in the Osage language.

It stands for strength, courage and leadership – traits that Osage Chief Big Elk himself demonstrated, said Geoff Hager, great-great-great grandson of the former Osage leader.

Hager is the owner of Tulsa-based Big Elk Energy Systems, named for his ancestor. Big Elk was born in 1852 and was chief of the Claremore band of the Osage tribe.

Founded in 2013, Big Elk Energy Systems manufactures measurement skids, fuel gas skids, valves, meters and other equipment for the natural gas industry, including for Williams projects across our footprint.

Williams employees recently visited the business to meet Hager and see how their products are made. They were joined by Geoffrey Standing Bear, Principal Chief of the Osage Nation.

“Big Elk has been a great partner for Williams with their impeccable quality of work and ability to meet on-time demands,” said Cherie Humphries, vice president and chief procurement officer.

“The dedication to set their business apart can be seen through their investment in a state-of-the-art painting facility, along with on-site third-party testing. Having a certified diverse supplier with a facility right in our backyard is an added benefit to partnering with Big Elk.”

The company is among about 15 percent of Williams’ suppliers certified as diverse.

Big Elk employs about 70 workers and holds aboriginal, minority-owned and small business certifications.

Hager said the company takes great pride in its craftmanship and ability to meet customer needs on time with precision and adaptability.

“Williams represents all that Big Elk looks for in a strategic partnership,” he said. “And we look forward to growing that partnership for many years to come.”

Much like his ancestor Big Elk, Hager says he wants to be known as a courageous leader and a reliable partner to both his employees and the businesses he serves.

You can learn more about Williams diverse supplier commitment on our Diversity and Inclusion page.