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Midstream 101: Gas gathering

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NiobraraPipeGatherings are great. Think about the last time you and your buddies gathered in your living room to watch a big game.

By definition, gathering means to “come together, assemble or accumulate.” That’s exactly what happens in a gas gathering system.

After a well is drilled and is producing gas or oil (product), that product has to be gathered, separated and, many times, processed before it can be used in our homes and businesses.

A gathering system usually consists of multiple pipelines laid in one area that are designed to “gather” the product that is produced from multiple wells to a central point. This central point may be a compressor station, a storage facility, a processing plant, a larger transmission pipeline or a shipping point. A gathering system may consist of hundreds of miles of pipelines gathering gas from hundreds of wells in an area or it may be just a few small pipelines gathering the product from a small handful of wells.

Gathering is a simple concept but an important part of the midstream process. It is the starting point for the midstream section of the energy industry and provides a valuable service to our upstream customers.

After the products are gathered it’s off to the processing facility. We’ll explain gas treating and processing in our next Midstream 101 blog post.