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Midstream 101 Series

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Learn how things work with Midstream 101.

Midstream 101 is an educational look at Williams operations. You’ll learn how gas is gathered, to how it’s processed and compressed, along with how we keep our operations safe. We want you to understand how we operate and how we work to ensure public safety and environmental excellence every day. Plus, you’ll really impress your friends when you breakdown the differences between a processing facility and a compressor station!

Midstream 101: What is “Midstream?”

Imagine someone interrupting while you are watching Hamilton on Disney+? (Why would someone do that? They should know better.) Anyway, you might say you were interrupted midstream. Get it? Or, […]

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Midstream 101: The dictionary

In every business there is a laundry list of terms and acronyms that are used daily. Our list in the midstream industry is long. Really long…and unless you work in the industry you probably […]

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Midstream 101: Gas gathering

Gatherings are great, even if we are doing more of it these days via virtual meeting platforms like Zoom. By definition, gathering means to “come together, assemble or accumulate.” That’s […]

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Midstream 101: Natural gas processing

What is natural gas processing? It’s similar to the gas gathering process, in that, the gathered gas can’t stay in the gathering lines. It has to be moved to a processing facility, to a […]

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Midstream 101: Compression

If pipelines provide the roadway for natural gas, compressors provide the drivers. Putting gas in the pipeline is part of the equation but moving it through pipeline is equally important. Two […]

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Midstream 101: Fractionation

When you hear the word fraction, you might picture a pepperoni pizza with two slices missing. You know, the one your third-grade teacher showed you while teaching you fractions. “If you have 8 […]

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Midstream 101: Control rooms

In another post, we learned that compressors continually pressurize natural gas in the pipelines to keep the gas moving. And while the gas (or oil, NGLs or other products) is on the move, it’s […]

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Midstream 101: Safety and integrity

Safety is the top priority at Williams. As we wrote about in another post, Gas Control plays an integral part in maintaining safe operations but safety measures don’t stop there. There are […]

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