Williams nabs global award for engineering

Staff Reports

Williams recently received national recognition for its industry-leading reciprocating engine and compressor analysis program. The company finished first runner-up for the Windrock Summit Award – a global engineering award recognizing the best reciprocating machinery analysis programs worldwide.

Fourteen pipeline operators entered the competition. Williams finished only behind Columbia Pipeline.

Analyzer on TCVC-20_thumb

A Williams technician ensures equipment is operating reliably and safely.

The Summit Awards are designed to recognize the important role of the operator’s reliability and maintenance program, along with the contribution of analysts who best utilize technology for condition and performance monitoring of reciprocating machinery.

“It’s great recognition for Williams,” says Williams Staff Engineer Manny Angulo. “I’m very proud of the analysis program. We have a great team in place that keeps our compressors operating reliably and safely.”

Manny says that most pipeline operators have developed similar programs, analyzing data collected from engines and compressors to assess the mechanical condition of the equipment. The program’s goal is to identify very subtle changes in compressor operations which could help prevent unexpected failures.

“By closely monitoring equipment, the program reduces operating costs and improves reliability by minimizing equipment failures,” he says.

Windrock Summit Award winners are selected by a panel of industry judges. The annual award is presented during an industry conference each summer.