Northwest Pipeline recognized for industry-leading customer service

Staff Reports

Each year, Mastio & Company conducts a national, industry-wide customer satisfaction study for natural gas transmission pipelines. Customers of pipelines – generally local natural gas distribution companies and electric utilities – need large, reliable supplies of natural gas from companies like ours so they can serve residential and commercial customers.

Of those surveyed, the most important attribute of a pipeline company is reliable, firm (uninterruptible) gas transportation service. This means the gas supply is available at all times during the agreed-upon timeframe.

For the first time, Northwest Pipeline received its highest score in this reliability attribute – scoring 9.45 out of 10.

And more good news – this year’s results show Northwest Pipeline remained in the top 10 percent of all interstate pipelines for customer service, placing third out of 36 interstate pipelines. Northwest Pipeline continues to be ranked second out of 16 “mega” pipelines and second out of 23 “major” pipelines for customer service.

“We also scored higher in 20 of the 27 attributes as compared to last year, which tells us that our quest for continuous improvement is recognized by our customers,” said Ed Brewer, vice president and general manager of Northwest Pipeline.

Teams will begin scrubbing this year’s study data to identify areas where we can improve and develop action plans to make that happen.

We’re glad to be part of the team – keeping your lights on, your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.