Charitable Giving

Williams helps veterans enjoy nature, begin healing

Staff Reports

When it comes to Williams’ ongoing efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen and community partner, environmental stewardship and supporting veterans and first responders are at the top of our list of priorities. While we love participating in programs that support either of these causes, we’re even more energized when we can be involved with programs that support both.

This spring, when our employees volunteered to help Patriots Cove prepare for its public opening, it provided that rare opportunity. The program is associated with Hunts for Healing, a native brook trout sanctuary in Wyoming County, Pa., established to protect a threatened fish species and provide a place for veterans, first responders and their caregivers to enjoy fishing and healing through a natural outdoor experience.

Employees from Northeast Pennsylvania hauled gravel, spread mulch and built wheelchair ramps and platforms to ensure access to the stream. After getting the site ready, several volunteers attended mentor training to prepare for opening day, where they assisted Patriots Cove visitors by tying fish hooks, netting fish and helping make the day enjoyable.

Williams is honored to have helped Patriots Cove launch its important mission. Our volunteers found the experience to be extremely gratifying, and encourage others to participate whenever they can.

To learn more about Patriots Cove and see how it’s helping wounded veterans and first responders during their healing process, check out this clip from WNEP.