Driving a clean energy future

Alan Armstrong

It’s the time of year when many are looking ahead. But at Williams, we aren’t just looking at the next 365 days. We’re creating a vision for the next century.

I recently unveiled Williams’ new Vision statement to our employees, along with an actionable plan that emphasizes their role in our company’s success.

As the world demands reliable, low-cost, low-carbon energy, Williams will be there with the best transport, storage and delivery solutions.

We make clean energy happen by being the best-in-class operator of the critical infrastructure that supports a clean energy future.


These aren’t just words. This Vision is crucial in defining not only who we are, but where we’re heading.

Yes, we’ve been around for a long time – 113 years, to be exact. This was made possible largely because we have refused to stand still. We’ve changed and adapted as necessary in support of our relentless commitment to reliably fuel the clean energy future by providing low-cost, low-carbon energy.

Our Vision statement reflects that tenacity and drive for excellence, and our people are key to achieving our Vision.

We know we must continue to attract and retain the best people, creating a place where all employees are engaged, excited and continue to grow while helping meet our world’s very real challenges with fact-based solutions.

Natural gas is critical to addressing challenges like reducing emissions, supporting the energy transition and improving global quality of life. At the same time, we are pursuing opportunities like green hydrogen and RNG to fuel a lower-carbon future, looking toward our infrastructure as a critical link in the storage and delivery of next-generation energy solutions.

Joe Williams, former Williams CEO and son of company co-founder Dave Williams, once said, “Change is the only permanent thing in life. And with changes comes opportunity.”

I welcome change, and look forward to the opportunity to make our Vision a reality by building solutions to meet energy demand for generations to come.