Williams pledges $1 million for COVID-19 efforts and community recovery

Staff Reports

The Williams Foundation pledged $1 million to provide community support during this unprecedented time of financial volatility and global health concern.

“Not only does the coronavirus pandemic continue to create disruption in our communities, but we are also closely monitoring the collapse in oil prices and the potential fallout this will have in those communities whose livelihood comes from this industry,” said Alan Armstrong, Williams President and CEO.

“At Williams, we are fortunate to have a strong, resilient business, and strong, healthy communities are critical to our operational success. Now, more than ever, it is important for us to be there for our communities in this time of significant need. We recognize how critical first responders, non-profit organizations and schools are to the longevity and overall well-being of a community, and we want to ensure their ability to meet needs not only today, but in the long-term as well,” he said.

Grants for community support will focus primarily on emergency response, food insecurity, health and human services and K-12 distance learning solutions for public schools. The Foundation also will support Williams’ employees in making an impact, matching contributions to amplify their efforts.

The Williams Foundation has established an intake form for grant requests on its website and encourages 501(c)3 organizations, first responders and K-12 schools to apply online. Grant requests will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and funded based on need and impact within the communities that Williams operates. To submit a grant request, please visit