Energy & Infrastructure

Clean energy strategy creates shareholder value

Tom Droege

Williams reported exceptional results in the third quarter of 2021 as demand for clean energy continues to grow. The company moved record volumes of natural gas through its systems and is adding more capacity in time for this winter’s heating season.

In his quarterly update to investors, Williams President & CEO Alan Armstrong said customers recognize the value of natural gas for electric power generation, heating and cooking as well as for overseas markets seeking clean energy.

“As we think about sustainability both today and into the future, our highly reliable natural gas infrastructure is extremely well-positioned to continue replacing higher carbon fuels while supporting the growth of renewable energy and responsibly sourced natural gas for LNG export,” said Armstrong. “We are looking forward and anticipating future innovations and technologies that we can use on our key energy networks to deliver on our country’s clean energy future.” 

Armstrong spoke about emerging opportunities like a hydrogen hub near Williams’ assets in southwestern Wyoming as well as the prospect of a large-scale co-development of wind energy, electrolysis and synthetic gas-via-methanation in the state with an international renewable energy developer. 

Williams is also in the execution phase on 12 solar projects along its footprint as part of a broader solar initiative to power its assets with solar energy. In addition, RNG (renewable natural gas) continues to grow with the company adding new interconnects so valuable methane from landfills and livestock farms can be captured and used instead of escaping into the atmosphere.   

Finally, the second phase of Leidy South expansion is expected to be in full service in time to bring more energy to the Northeast for this winter’s heating season. Another 1.5 Bcf/d in expansions are in execution along the mid-Atlantic and South regions of the U.S. These projects underscore the long-term demand customers have for natural gas.

“As we work to balance sustainability and climate goals with growing energy demand, Williams is playing a leading role in a clean energy future by leveraging our infrastructure, our expertise and our strategic relationships to develop pragmatic solutions to today’s energy challenges,” Armstrong said.