2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

As one of the nation’s leading energy infrastructure companies, we are committed to leveraging our large-scale natural gas network for the benefit of tomorrow and generations to come.

Williams 2022 Community Data

Community Giving

Community Engagement

Providing Clean Affordable and Reliable Energy

Climate Adaptation & Resilience 
Public Policy
Energy Access, Affordability & Reliability 
Energy Transition & Low-Carbon Economy

Minimizing Our Footprint

Site Closure & Rehabilitation 
Biodiversity & Land Use 
Non-GHG Air Emissions 
Operational GHG Emissions 

Protecting People & Strengthening Infrastructure

Workforce Health & Well-Being
Workforce Safety
Station 610 in Millerville, Pennsylvania
Public Safety
Marking pipelines for public safety needs.
Pipeline & Asset Integrity

Building an Empowered Workforce

Employee Practices
Diversity & Inclusion
Employee Attraction, Retention & Development

Strengthening Communities

Indigenous Peoples
Human Rights
Environmental Justice
Supply Chain & Responsible Procurement
Economic Impacts
Community Investment
Stakeholder Relations
By responsibly transporting and delivering natural gas and investing in emerging energy opportunities, we are positioning our company to contribute to a cleaner environment, now and in the future. ALAN S. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAMS PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER